For five years, AEE Action Fund (PAC) has engaged in critical state elections to support legislative champions who are dedicated to powering America with clean energy sources, promoting economic development, and fostering a positive environment for business innovation.

Our work has borne fruit. Through timely engagement with Republican legislators in Michigan, AEE helped shift the debate in 2016 from repeal of the state’s Renewable Portfolio and Energy Efficiency Resource Standards to extension of these key policies for advanced energy growth.

Our work with new Democratic majorities in the Virginia General Assembly in 2019 helped pave the way for passage this year of the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which made Virginia the first southern state to mandate 100% clean energy.

In 2020, building relationships with elected officials and candidates for office is more important than ever. Lawmakers elected this year will determine state energy policies and priorities in 2021 and for years to come. With your support, AEE Action Fund will keep  the advanced energy momentum going in states across the country.