About Us

Who We Are

AEE Action Fund is a new voice supporting champions at the state level who are dedicated to diversifying American energy sources, promoting regional economic development, and fostering a positive environment for business innovation.

The economic viability of our nation depends on broad utilization of a range of advanced energy solutions. These technologies drive investment and job creation, and make our electrical grid more resilient and reliable. 

What's At Stake

Rapid advancements in technology have resulted in dramatic changes to the ways we work and live. These changes create new opportunities for innovation and economic growth, but they also place tremendous demands on our energy infrastructure.

America is the land of innovation, and the advanced energy sector is delivering solutions to meet these demands. Now more than ever, with an uncertain policy environment at the federal level, we need elected leaders with vision and the capacity to effect policies that will hasten deployment of advanced energy technologies in the states.

AEE Action Fund exists to help elect candidates who are champions of advanced energy. Your support sends the message that advanced energy is an economic priority, and increases our effectiveness. 


J.R. Tolbert

1000 Vermont Ave, NW Third Floor

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