What’s At Stake

Rapid advances in technology are letting us change the way we make, manage, and use energy, in the process providing the means to address societal challenges like climate change. These changes give consumers new options to save money and take control of the energy they use. They also offer new opportunities for innovation, economic growth, and job creation. But the energy status quo, made up of powerful incumbent interests and bolstered by laws and regulations crafted in their favor, stands in the way. 

Advanced energy encompasses the full range of better energy solutions that can win, based on cost and performance, if only the policies are in place to overcome the inertia, and resistance, of old energy. That's why we need elected leaders with the vision and capacity to enact laws and regulations that will accelerate deployment of advanced energy technologies.

AEE Action Fund exists to help elect candidates who are champions of advanced energy. Your support sends the message that advanced energy should be a top priority, and makes us more effective in obtaining the policies needed to keep advanced energy growing.


COVID-19 and Beyond

Our plan is ambitious but holds the promise of making the advanced energy industry a formidable player in state legislative politics, and at a critical time. The pandemic we are experiencing has guaranteed that legislators will be faced with difficult choices. Achieving our priorities next year and beyond will depend on electing the right people this fall and showing that we are willing to engage in politics the way other major industries do.

Now is no time to be a second-tier business interest. AEE Action Fund and Advanced Energy Works intend to make the industry that promises jobs and economic growth through the development of secure, clean, affordable energy top dog in states across the country.


Our Strategy

AEE Action Fund has a three-pronged approach to engaging in electoral politics. First, we build relationships with key legislative leaders. Access and influence are critical to delivering big wins for the advanced energy industry and action on climate in states that matter for both. 

Next, we dive into electoral contests that can reshape the energy debate in targeted states. By engaging in key districts, both directly and through independent expenditure, we can help tilt the balance of power in a state, building toward an advanced energy legislative majority. 

Finally, we raise the profile of advanced energy for both voters and decision makers. Through positive and negative accountability, we have the ability to shape how the victor views our issues in upcoming legislative sessions.