Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is AEE Action Fund connected to Advanced Energy Economy? 

    AEE Action Fund is a non-connected PAC, which means it is not connected to any candidate, political party, corporation, or other organization. This means that it is able to accept donations from individuals or corporations regardless of their membership in Advanced Energy Economy.

  • Which political party does AEE Action Fund support?

    AEE Action Fund is non-partisan. We support candidates for elected office who support advanced energy. Historically, we have attained a 60% Democratic and 40% Republican split among our individual contributions.

  • What is AEE Action Fund’s governance structure?

    AEE Action Fund has an oversight committee that makes decisions regarding contributions. Membership on the committee is open to all companies and/or individuals making a cumulative $20,000 contribution over a two-year span. Companies and individuals donating at this level are not obligated to participate.

  • What are AEE Action Fund’s reporting procedures?

    AEE Action Fund is subject to FEC regulations regarding reporting of funds received and contributions made. In addition, donors who make contributions to AEE Action Fund in connection to a specific fundraising event may receive follow-up communications in the future.

  • If I make a contribution to AEE Action Fund, will this information be made public?

    In accordance with FEC regulations, annual contributions of $200 or more to the Candidate account are publicly disclosed. Contributions to the Independent Expenditure account are not publically disclosed.

  • Are contributions to AEE Action Fund tax deductible?

    No, political contributions are not tax deductible.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about AEE Action Fund, please contact: JR Tolbert via email or 804.614.8352.